Sep 16, 2015

Voice of the Child Reports ensure kids' perspectives are represented

With an aim of creating more constructive, positive outcomes for parties dealing with custody and access issues, Toronto family lawyer Jennifer Samara Shuber is now offering her services in preparing Voice of the Child Reports as a part of her practice.

Shuber, a partner with Basman Smith LLP, says the reports, which were first popularized in British Columbia but are becoming more popular in Ontario, are generally prepared in contested custody and access matters with a goal of presenting the views and preferences of a child or children.

"There are a number of ways presently to get the views and preferences of the child", Shuber tells Judges will sometimes interview children, and while some people are supportive of that, others will say a one-time interview with a judge is not going to get you the information you need.

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Photo by Ian Taylor Photography