Mar 29, 2016

The happy and complex realm of private adoptions

There are advantages to legally adopting a partner's child – although the practice appears to be uncommon, family lawyer Audrey Shecter tells 

Shecter, a partner at Basman Smith LLP and the only lawyer at the firm work on private adoptions, accepts what she considers relatively rare cases when a spouse chooses to adopt the partner’s child, including cases when the child was conceived in a fertility clinic. 

“The advantage is the child is your child as opposed to having to engage in possible future custody disputes,” Shecter tells the online legal news outlet. “And, you can give a child conceived in a sperm bank a parentage whereas they previously didn’t have one.”

As well, the child’s last name can easily be changed as part of an adoption application.

“One of the major differences between an adoption and a custodial order is an adoption severs all ties with biological parent and his or her family,” Shecter adds. “It’s as if that relationship never happened.”

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Photo by Chelsea Batten