Dec 12, 2014

Money not always at heart of estate disputes

As Canadians get set to witness the biggest inter-generational transfer of wealth to date, there is more at stake when it comes to estate disputes, says a recent CBC article.

The article notes that this transfer of wealth – from those born in the 1930s and '40s to baby boomers – could cause tensions between elderly parents and their children who expect to receive an inheritance.

While it’s likely that more money could correlate into more estate disputes, "the amount of money involved isn’t always the reason children fight over estates, says Toronto estate lawyer Mary Wahbi, partner with Basman Smith LLP.

She says there is often a highly charged emotional component to estate disputes which could be a result of early family life, sibling rivalry, or grievances that have arisen later in life.

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Photography by 401(K) 2012