Jan 18, 2012

Immigration Lawyers

Protect your rights and avoid costly mistakes

The following are your rights as an immigration client:

You have the right to expect a degree of competence and knowledge demonstrated by the lawyer handling your case. You have the right to be kept informed regarding the status of your case, and to be provided with copies of documents filed on your behalf; You have the right to expect a high standard of ethics and service from your lawyer You have the right to review a form to be filed on your behalf before you sign it; You have the right to a complete accounting of your case. Many people who otherwise qualify for Canadian immigration see their dreams shattered because they do not seek out legal advice from a qualified immigration lawyer and opt for shortcuts or fall prey to unscrupulous individuals.

Don’t let that happen to you!

For more information, Click Here to view a guide which has been published by the Ontario Bar Association entitled:

Immigration Lawyers: Your passport to Canada A guide to your right and the advantages of using an immigration lawyer

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Lloyd Ament

Photography by Ron Cogswell