Mar 25, 2015

Family law case management service saves time, cuts costs

Toronto family lawyer Herschel Fogelman is launching a unique private case management service that’s poised to save time and money for parties in family law proceedings.WATCH VIDEO

The service, available to any family lawyer in Ontario both during a litigation process or outside of it, would see parties sign a mediation-arbitration agreement with Fogelman, giving him authority over interim and procedural matters up to and including the exit pre-trial.

“Events would be scheduled according to counsel's availability, but on a regular basis there would be check in and follow up to make sure things are going smoothly and both parties are complying with interim agreements or orders that have been made,” he tells

Fogelman, partner with Basman Smith LLP, says the service streamlines processes, meaning a case that may otherwise take two years to work its way through the system could resolve in two to three months.

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Photo Credit: Stanley Yuu