Mar 29, 2016

Chaiton-Murray helps divorcing spouses find fair solutions

Resolving conflicts when families are finding a new normal is the driving force for Toronto family lawyer Erin Chaiton-Murray.

“It’s getting to a resolution and feeling that you’ve helped a client close a chapter and move to the next stage of their life,” says Chaiton-Murray, an associate at Basman Smith LLP.

“The end result is not always a perfect solution but I think that it is rewarding when a client feels that they have been able to reach a resolution and when they've done so in a way that feels good in the circumstances  — preserving their own sanity, their relationship with their children and hopefully, with their former spouse,” she tells

Before entering law, Chaiton-Murray, who grew up in Toronto and holds a Bachelor of Arts in health studies and gerontology from McMaster University, originally considered pursuing the field of social work.

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Photo by OneLifeOnEarch