Dec 05, 2013

Alienation Update: What Are The Courts Doing With These Cases?

LSUC Paper

Parental alienation cases are not going away. Having reared its ugly head for the first time in or around 1985 when the term parental alienation syndrome was coined by Dr. Richard Gardiner, sadly, this pathology is here to stay.

That being the case, how are our courts dealing with these most extreme of high conflict cases? How are judges handling this behaviour, which some have gone so far as to label as child abuse?

In this paper written for the Law Society of Upper Canada’s Six Minute Family Lawyer Program, held December 3, 2013, Jennifer Samara Shuber summarizes the case law and judicial responses to alienation in decisions from across the province in the past 12 months.

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Photography by Cordell and Cordell