Intellectual Property Litigation


Internet based businesses and the virtual marketplace offer unique opportunities and unique problems. We have the knowledge and experience to help our clients’ take advantage of these opportunities and avoid the problems. We can help enforce your legal rights against those who infringe these rights such as individuals who purposely register a spelling variant or who deliberately misspell for the purpose of attracting “miss-hits”, or against those who set up a fake websites or interfere with search engines or internet based indexes to our clients’ detriment.

The copying of software, source codes, books, movies, music, videos, video games or the showing of live events for public viewing without permission or authorization is an infringement of copyright and possibly a breach of other federal statutes such as the Radiocommunication Act. We assist authors, licensed distributors, musicians and software developers with significant litigation support for the protection and enforcement of copyrights before the Federal Court of Canada and we are leaders in the enforcement and protection of satellite and internet based broadcasts.



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