Estate Litigation


At Basman Smith, our experienced estate litigation lawyers can assist in Will challenges on the basis of undue influence or if there are concerns about lack of knowledge and approval of the contents of the Will or the capacity of the testator.  We also act on Passing of Accounts and any objections, competency questions, fraud and suspicious circumstances and all issues related to testamentary documents and the capacity to manage property, including disputes in regard to Powers of Attorney and Dependent’s Relief Applications. We act on matters where property has been transferred during a person’s lifetime or through joint tenancy that may not have been intended to be a true gift.

We act for executors and trustees as well as beneficiaries both in prosecuting and defending claims.  We also act as litigation Guardians under the Substitute Decisions Act and in matters involving mental health and eldercare issues and those affecting the health and welfare of minors.

Whether our client is an Estate Trustee concerned with respect to his rights and obligations, a beneficiary concerned with respect to the administration of an Estate or an individual concerned with respect to the incapacity of a loved one, Basman Smith’s estate lawyers can provide experience, guidance and trusted advice.