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We are very active in information technology and E-Commerce matters. We offer a wide range of services related to contract drafting and negotiation in software and system development, software licenses, software distribution, website development, hosting, outsourcing, ASP agreements, confidentiality and non-competition agreements and mergers and acquisitions.

Internet based businesses and the virtual marketplace offer unique opportunities and unique problems. We have the knowledge and experience to help our clients’ take advantage of these opportunities and avoid or resolve problems. We can help make sure that business identities are maintained in the virtual world, such as proper registration of our client’s name, enforcing legal rights against those who purposely register a spelling variant or a deliberate misspelling for the purpose of attracting “miss-hits” (e.g. Oreo vs. Oreos) or using a client name or that of their product by way of improper meta-tags to steer customers to an imposter’s website or interfere with search engines or internet based indexes for the same purpose.

Although there are unique problems that can arise from E-Commerce and in the virtual marketplace, our experience has shown that many of these problems can be solved using the traditional business law skills that our group has honed and which remain relevant to the “new” business models.



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