Collaborative Process


Collaborative Law is an out-of-court resolution process for separating and divorcing couples. This process is ideal for spouses seeking an alternative to traditional, court-based approaches to divorce and separation.  In the Collaborative approach, each party specifically agrees to try to negotiate a settlement in lieu of litigation and court.

With an emphasis on full disclosure and open communication, the Collaborative approach is client-directed and family-focused. In other words, the interests of each spouse in regard to parenting, property and support are the driving forces.  During settlement meetings, these specific interests are prioritized while parties and their trained Collaborative Practice counsel work together creatively to reach resolutions which work now and in the future.  When necessary, other family professionals such as financial advisors, business valuators or counsellors are engaged to assist the process.

The Collaborative Law approach can also be used to negotiate cohabitation agreements and marriage contracts.



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