Case Management for Family Cases


Individuals going through separation are looking for timely, efficient, and cost effective resolution of their affairs. All too often the interim steps in the matter, including disclosure and interim motions, take on a life of their own, resulting in increased cost and delays in reaching final resolution.

The backlog in the court system makes scheduling events difficult and court time a precious commodity. On many occasions times and dates that have been set are not reached as a result of institutional backlogs. Time gaps between court dates generally mean that dialogue between counsel ceases for long periods, and the parties are left without a sense of any progress. All of this adds to more time and more cost for your clients.

Get more control over your case.

Private case management is as it sounds – active process, scheduling, and time management – customized to your case. Within the context of an arbitration agreement, the procedural and substantive issues at play are clearly outlined, timetabled and resolved.    

The difference could be months saved, and the convenience is unparalleled.

The breakdown of a relationship is challenging, and the life changes this brings can be time consuming and stressful. Private case management enables parties to manage the timing of their case to suit the schedules and needs of all concerned. This helps reduce time and stress, and makes the process much more predictable.

Private case management is available as a standalone service, or within a mediation and/or arbitration.

Private case management grew out of the recognition that many clients seek out mediation and arbitration to avoid court variables and maintain an open dialogue. Private case management is the ideal way to ensure that mediation and arbitration deliver fully on these benefits.

Private case management is provided as a standalone service to lawyers and their clients, or with mediation and arbitration, and in keeping with the clients’ arbitration agreement.