Alternative Dispute Resolution in Family Law


Our firm is committed to assisting clients in arriving at quick, pragmatic and practical solutions to their sensitive family law issues. To that end, our lawyers have extensive experience utilizing alternative dispute resolutions methods such as mediation to achieve results for our clients. Mediation is a process where an agreed upon third party, the mediator, assists parties to negotiate a settlement. Our firm has been  consistently recognized as a leader in the alternative dispute resolution field and our team regularly uses mediation in order to help clients resolve their family law disputes in a cost effective method.

However, when a resolution cannot be reached by way of negotiated settlement or mediation, our team is equally experienced in representing our clients in arbitrations. Arbitration is a process where an independent third party reviews the evidence in the case and imposes a decision that is legally binding and enforceable in the courts.  Arbitration takes the dispute out of the court system and streamlines the resolution process, often resulting in an expedient conclusion to the case. Our lawyers have significant experience representing clients in arbitrations and can draw upon these experiences to effectively enforce a client’s rights in this forum and bring disputes to a fair resolution.



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