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B.Comm., LL.B.

Certified Specialist



I take great pleasure in announcing that I have been invited into partnership at the large Toronto law firm Devry Smith Frank LLP (www.devrylaw.ca).
I will be taking my immigration team with me and will be continuing my practice on behalf of all clients. There will be no change in our service to you and we will now have the support of an even larger infrastructure., the effective date is September 1, 2016.
My new points of contact will be:
]Tel: 416 446 5829 (direct)


Called to the bar in 1977

Certified Specialist in Citizenship & Immigration Law

Registered Trade Mark Agent

Lloyd was awarded a Bachelor of Commerce degree in 1972 and a Bachelor of Laws degree in 1975 from McGill University. Called to the bar in 1977, Lloyd joined Basman Smith as a partner in 2000.

He has been practicing immigration and corporate/commercial law for more than 35 years and has been designated by the Law Society of Upper Canada as a Certified Specialist in Citizenship and Immigration Law. Lloyd sits as an active member of the Executive Committee of the Ontario Bar Association's Citizenship and Immigration Section. 

Lloyd has an active global corporate immigration law practice and is associated with law firms and authorized representatives internationally. Lloyd’s experience in corporate/commercial and business law also provides him with the knowledge and expertise to better assist individuals and business owners in all aspects of the immigration process.

He acts for clients from around the world and his immigration law practice includes legal advice and counseling for:

  • Business persons under the Economic, Business and Provincial Nominee Programs
  • Skilled Professionals under the Skilled Worker or Trades Program through Express Entry
  • Intra-company Transfers under NAFTA and General Provisions for Eligible Foreign Workers
  • Business Visitors under NAFTA and General Provisions such as Intra-company Trainees
  • Labour Market Impact Assessments (LMIA) for Potential Foreign Workers
  • Student Permit Applications for Potential Foreign Students
  • Temporary Resident Visas (TRV) for Business Visitors/Tourists from non visa exempt countries
  • Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) Applications for Criminal Rehabilitation
  • Service Canada (ESDC) Permanent Offers of Employment for Potential Skilled Workers
  • Family Class Sponsorships
  • Residency Regulation compliance with "2 years in 5 years"
  • Canadian Citizenship for eligible Permanent Residents
  • TN Applications under NAFTA for Canadian Citizens to work in the United States
  • Incorporations, registrations and setup of new or branch offices in Canada and the U.S.

In addition to his immigration practice, Lloyd acts as corporate counsel to small and mid-sized corporations and their management. This general corporate law practice includes counselling on international joint ventures and agreements. Lloyd is also a registered Trade Mark Agent in Canada. He represents clients on national and international trademark matters, including the ability of a mark to qualify for registration, assessment, conflict review and application preparation. LLoyd has previously acted as legal counsel to the Mississauga Chinese Business Association.

Lloyd is a member of the following professional organizations:

  • Member of Executive Committee of Ontario Bar Association - Citizenship and Immigration
  • The Law Society of Upper Canada
  • The Canadian Bar Association - Immigration Section
  • American Immigration Lawyers Association
  • The Asia-Pacific Lawyers Association


雷藝文大律師1972年獲商科學士學位後,於1975年獲取McGill大學的法學學士學位。1977年雷大律師考取律師執照并于於2000年加盟BASMAN SMITH 律师行,成为该律师行的合伙人。


雷大律師活躍於亞太區從事移民事務。與香港及臺灣之律師行及特許移 民代表均有密切聯系。雷大律師同時擔任密西沙加華商會 (Mississauga Chinese Business Association) 之法律顧問。雷大律師豐富的商業經驗使得他能夠更好地為個人和企業業主提供各類移民事宜服務。


  • 商業類別移民, 商業及省提名移民
  • 專業技術人士和技術工人移民
  • NAFTA類別跨國公司人員內部工作調動和符合條件的外籍工人工作調動
  • NAFTA 臨時商務簽證和跨國公司內部人員培訓
  • 為外籍工人申請人力資源部認定的勞工市場影響評估(LMIA)
  • 為潛在的學生申請學生簽證
  • 為來自非免簽證國家人士辦理臨時商務訪問簽證(TRV)和旅遊簽證
  • 為曾經有犯罪紀錄人士申請臨時特許簽證(TRP)
  • 為專業技師人士申請人力資源部(ESDC)認可的就業職位
  • 家庭團聚移民申請
  •  如何遵守“五年之內住滿二年”的居住規定
  • 為永久居民辦理公民入籍申請
  • 為持有美國雇主雇用合同的加拿大公民辦理TN 美國簽證
  • 公司注冊登記及在加拿大和美國開辦新公司或設立分公司

除了提供移民事務服務外, 雷大律師更為中小型企業及其業主擔任顧問之職 , 幫助處理 有關公司法律事務,例如擬定買賣生意法律文件,特許經營及分銷合同, 辦理申請牌照及國際聯 營之法律文件等。雷大律師同時為加拿大商標注冊之代理律師,專業辦理加國及國際商標事宜。包 括商標注冊評估, 沖突審理以及申請準備事項。


  • 加拿大安大略省律師協會公民和移民分會執行委員會(Ontario Bar Association-Immigration)
  • 加拿大律師公會(The Law Society of Upper Canada)
  • 美国移民律师协会 (American Immigration Lawyers Association)
  • 亞太地區律師公會 (The Asia-Pacific Lawyers Association)

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Phone: 416-860-1946

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